Tuesday, March 17, 2009

All work and no play makes Jenny a dull girl

Today, I had the good fortune of being photographed by Ms. Shelynn Taylor, wife of my long-time friend and more-than-capable artist/musician Derrien Taylor of Tin Roof Rusted. It is always an immense pleasure to work with Shelynn on any project. She is just a beautiful as she is delightful, and just as insightful as she is talented. Every time I work with her, I am introduced to a new thought on what beautfy and fashion really are, and really can be. Her work in subtle angles embraces the contour of human anatomy in a way that any model would be honored to capture.

Tomorrow, I'm being shot by Shelynn and Dane Mabius of Eclectric. And I hear there are going to be some tasteful nudes...
Until then, my fine feathered friends, keep on keepin' on


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