Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Another Long Day

So, it's lunchtime and we're finally taking a break. I spent the early part of the day dancing, which I've opted to do in lieu of a gym workout. It started out as an excuse to listen to music, but since I'm technically 'in training' I had to actually break a sweat...and trust me, I did. I didn't spend all that time dancing with Kim Nofsinger, Marsha Barsky, and Nancy Ammerman for nothing.

And believe me...they don't allow for half-assing.

I officially became a member of the Nashville Fashion Group (NFG) today! Kitty is proving to be a very capable business manager. Not only is he creating a buzz about me in the fashion world, he's pushing to get some of my art selected for the expo for the World Art Foundation in June. It's another week I'll get to spend a warm, sunny week in Southern California if my work is chosen. Also, his fiancee is joining the members of In Spite of You (our former band) to create The New Basics, which we just decided on last night.

St. Patrick's Day festivities are already spilling onto the streets of Nashville, and it's 2:45 in that afternoon, which only reminds me I've got to make some appearances tonight, including McFadden's annual celebration downtown. '

For now, I've got to finish up here and go get all dolled up for St. Party's Day tonight.

Be well!

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