Wednesday, April 1, 2009

it's time to give snow job a go job!

Robot Chicken is an unusual show. It makes me laugh. It's so inappropriate in the most perfect, awkward way.

Today was good. I couldn't sleep last night, so I left the comfort of my family home and drove to Nashville at 3:00am. I wasn't scheduled to be in Nashville until 8:00, so I did what anyone does in the middle of the night in Nashville. I lurked. I stopped by a couple events and gatherings, despite the icky weather, because something's always happening in Nashville. I broke into a friend of mine's apartment and took a shower, because I knew he wouldn't be home. April Foolsing all the fools, I know...then, I went to Kyle and Coco's house, where they were awake (as usual) and playing Pictionary with some girls, a guy that looked a little bit like Lindsay Lohan's boyfriend, Samantha Ronson and his ultra-shy friend, Colin, everyone's pet-project for the evening. And everyone spent the night, because their house is huge. It was just like summer camp without any least none that I know of.
Later, I hung out with an old friend I haven't seen in years. We reminisced and caught up and did all the things that old friends do. It's incredible how time distorts things.

I also met with the folks at Jimmy Chia today. I will be walking in the debut show of their new line, and I will be wearing the signature piece. I will be participating in their fashion campaign for the s/s09. It's good news.

And I was baffled by technology again today.


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