Sunday, June 28, 2009

Michael Jackson Fashion Tribute

I'm referring, in particular to Balmain's deigns, but to many others as well when I say that Michael Jackson has also greatly influenced the world of fashion.
I, for one, am grateful.

Michael Jackson passed away suddenly. June 25, 2009. I'm not taking it any harder than anyone else, but I do find it very sad. I grew up with Michael Jackson, you know? He's influenced just about everything in my life in some way or another. I know that's what everyone says, but that's because it's true. I also know that I choose to remember him as the great artist that he was and let that legacy of greatness live on.

As well as music, I especially (obviously) appreciate MJ's influence on fashion. He showed the world that it was okay to be funky, hip, and unique...a few of my favorite things.

Jean-Charles de Castelbajac F09

And if that doesn't do it for you, maybe this will:

Rhi-Rhi in Balmain

Michael Jackson in Balmain (as you can see)

Rest in Peace, MJ

Military (MJ-style) designs by (left to right) Alexander McQueen, Temperley London and Colette Dinnigan
Read a pretty good fashion tribute here

BUT in unrelated news, there have been a lot of good things happening, too. I love working. There's nothing quite like getting paid for doing what you want to do. I've been working for 10 days straight with four to go before I get a day off. The benefits of this are many.
  1. ballin' in the bank account department. (this makes vacationing look better and more fun)
  2. keeps me busy. I don't at all dig too much down time. Down-time is the cause of a lot of people's problems in this world, including mine.
  3. a social life
  4. fancy clothes
love. xoxoxo

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