Friday, July 10, 2009

bambi's mother was a beautiful deer

I was talking to my brother in the kitchen and he told me I looked like a goat. At first, I was understandably offended, but he went on to explain what he meant-- I would be like Bambi's mother, but a goat. His words were, "Bambi's mother was a beautiful deer." So, in his own way, my brother called me beautiful. It warmed my heart, even if he was implying that I'd be better off as a goat.

This, of course, brought me straight to John Galliano's Fall/Winter 2009/10 Men’s Collection

Paris Fashion Week

Oh, Mr. Galliano make something for a girl-goat? Apparently, I've got "the look."

I missed The Gold Party at MAI tonight, because I am a slacker and I only just got back and sort of settled in. I guess it's more appropriate to say I am missing The Gold Party, because it's only 10:30, but I'm definitely not going out. I'm definitely not wearing anything gold. Not tonight.

Plus, I'm tired of wearing heels for a while. I'm tall enough that I can get by without them and why do it if you don't have to? Granted, there are some outrageous, shoegasm-inducing heels out there, but I've also seen my fair share of equally (and sometimes more) sexy flats.

Like these Chi Mihara's going for something like $335 on Piperlime or

Or these from Giuseppe Zanotti

Sam Edelman

or Ted Baker

or these babies from Free People

Because you never know when you're going to have to break into a run, and even though they're out of control, you can't do that in...say, these

by Giuseppe Zanotti

for example.

So, for now, I'm into goats and shoes. Whatever that's supposed to mean.


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Velo said...

i loveeee Giuseppe Zanotti and free people's shoes! awesome!


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