Thursday, July 23, 2009

I love my booty.

Hello, babies. Mama's got news...

I just returned from a lovely little vacay in Savannah, GA. I loved it. I got to hang out on Tybee Island and chill on the beach, I got to see friends and family I haven't seen in years and years, and I got to take a much needed break from my landlocked Nashville life. It was good.

On River St, there are all these great shops and cafes and touristy places to visit. When I was there, I saw a very fashionable, very tall girl rocking the hell out of her super skinnies and scarf. If you know her, tell her what's up for me.

I bought a dress from a supercute little shop on the River called Blue Parrot. Later, I will be photographed in this dress. (You'll see what I mean). My time spent in GA was wonderful and I loved it. Mucho. I also fell in love with ubershort dresses. (You'll see what I mean). I must say, as I am blessed with long legs, this is something I can do. Because I can, I will.

*Sluttiness has nothing to do with the length of one's skirt, for the record. At least not mine.
If Rhi-Rhi can do it, so can I.

So don't hate.

I arrived at home on Monday morning at 2am. At 6pm, I had a photoshoot scheduled with Mr. Tyler Spears of Spears Photography. He was wonderful! I also worked with an incredible MUA, Katrina Smith and another model, Naika-- a beautiful girl.

You can see more shots from that photo shoot by lurking on through to my Myspace or something. I'll be posting them as they come, and there were a TON!

Also, I 've been thinking about something. I was in Savannah, rocking my newfound micromini everythings and I discovered something I never really noticed before. An ass.
All of a sudden, I've got junk in my trunk and it took me by surprise. I'm fine with it, though.
I love my booty
(and so do you).

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