Saturday, August 15, 2009

after the smoke clears

Here I am, running to-and-fro, hither-and-yon trying to get everything all sorted so I can get back to relaxing and other leisurely activities. I've booked a couple interestingly themed photoshoots with some pretty interesting anf fancy-type photogs.

I've relinquished the day-to-day operations of all Legacy Apparel related events back to Carter (Donovan, designer/founder Legacy Apparel). Thank god. 'Running' a company is very tough, even if I just housesat and sent pictures of me in their clothes to people. It was still hard.

I've seen the photos from a couple weeks ago by Jon Warren, too.
is my favorite so far.

just to name a few.
Click on them to get a better look.

I've been working nonstop for the following reasons 1. I need this Anna Sui dress that I can't buy with a good conscience unless I make some extra money, first. 2. I am moving again soon and moving is expensive. 3. Monday, I have a shoot and interview at 4am (the best light of the day) with Kyle Cohen for ARTUnderground Magazine. I am also working on some projects with Tyler Spears including his charity art showcase (to be held at Sal's Italian Restaurant) benefitting breast cancer research (I'll also be featured a featured model)! And there's another shoot with Tyler for a model showcase/fashion campaign. There's the Legacy Fashion Collective stuff I've got to do (find a male model, find a photographer, styling, etc) for the Muse Collection [I like being able to collaborate on the concept of shoots, but I definitely don't envy the people who have to cast, style, search, beg, borrow, and steal]. I've also got some work with Kevin Kayeless and David Farrell here in Nashville (hopefully) soon. 4. My birthday is Tuesday. Please make special note of that.
Thursday, I'm going to see Geist at The Muse in Nashville and then, finally....a weekend.

I did see Incubus last night in Atlanta. It was exactly like it was supposed to be.

I love you.

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