Sunday, August 2, 2009

Nashville Fashion/Art Collective

I am trying to find interested models, photographers, MUAS, designers, stylists etc to showcase their work for an upcoming Nashville based project. This project will be used as a member search for the Nashville Fashion Collective headed by Carter Donovan and Sacha Morello of Legacy Apparel. We are looking for all fashion and art industry professionals who may be interested to take part. Stay tuned to the 'Legacy Report' and my blog 'Her Life On Display' for upcoming info on the Fashion Collective.

Right now, we're in the beginning stages of the formation of a Fashion Collective in Nashville which would serve all fashion professionals (models, designers, photogs, muas, stylists, scouts, agents) of all types. We're hoping that it allows industry professionals in the area to network with other area professionals to begin collaborations.

We're hoping to find some faces to add to the effort.

We plan to work with a variety of models, photographers, stylists, designers, muas, etc on many projects throughout the year to create a showcase of all the collective talents.

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Jenn Blake said...

this also includes fashionistas, fashion bloggers/writers and whatnot.


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