Monday, August 31, 2009

new news (semi-importantish)

Hello, lovelies. I'm sure you've all been dying to know what's been going on in my very exciting life lately...

My parents and I have been discussing (at great length) the prospect of me making a big move. It's been brewing since last winter, after I graduated, but it seems like the "right time" is approaching at an ever-increasing pace. In the last few months, I've grown to really love (some of) the greater Nashville area, but most especially the city, itself. It's perfect for someone like me. There is always something to do, eclectic options, and some really good people. It's not too big, not too small. Nashville's porridge has been just right.

Not to mention, the people I'm closest to in the entire world are in and around the area.

But, I'm 23 and I need something different. I need to get away from my childhood. I need to get away from all the things that I'm comfortable with. I need to be uncomfortable for a while.

This stagnant feeling is really making me resent things and people that I shouldn't resent. I recognize that's not fair and that the only one I should focus those energies toward should be myself, but that's not the case.

I am only human and these moments weigh me down.

So, the compromise has been reached that I need to travel. It was a decision not suggest by me, but oddly enough by my mother. She and my dad met in Lakenheath (outside London) in '84, got married six months later and have been together for 25 years last March. They've been to more places than I can even think to list. They moved to the UK when my dad was only 19 and my mom was 20. They've been to countries in Asia, all over Europe, Africa, South America, Canada and almost all of the US states between them. We (their 3 kids) got to enjoy some of this travelling early in our lives, but we were way too young to really appreciate it.

I can dig this. It seems about right. And yes, I would be getting off to a later start than either of them, but these times, they are a-changin'. Not to mention, jet setting is not necessarily recession-friendly, and I am exponentially less mature than either of them probably were 20+ years ago. This, I am fine with. This, I can deal with.

So, in January (which is much closer than it feels right now) we'll see what happens. I've got money in the bank, good credit, a job that is pretty much geared toward frequent travel and singular experiences all over the world, and no reason not to.

I know where I want to go, I know where I want to see, and I know what I want to do. Let's just see where all of it ends up.

In the not so distant future, I've got a photoshoot with Jim of UBU Photography that's tomorrow morning at 10 in the Boro. I'm looking very much forward to it. He takes beautiful photos and I'm looking forward to shooting with him. I can't wait to show you what we come up with. [So, if you're one of the luckies who does not have class tomorrow, let's have margaritas at La Siesta for lunch].

This weekend, I'm taking part in that pretty big fashion shoot (you might have heard) on the Shelby St pedestrian bridge downtown. Tyler Spears is the photog and I am ridiculously excited about that. There are 7 of us, I think (models). It will probably be pretty ridic.

Next Tuesday, I am shooting with Kevin of Kayelless. He takes beautiful photos and I LOVE the concepts he's thrown my way. Stay tuned for that.

On top of all of that, I am walking in the Legacy Fashion show on Thursday night (this Thurs. COME SEE US ROCK THE RUNWAY!), working on the pilot for the tv show, driving to Atl to meet with Lois @ Elite, and trying not to completely lose my mind for lack of sleep, rest, or social activities.

I love you, I miss you, I want you.


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