Monday, September 14, 2009

Rag and Bone

So far, my heart is set on Rag & Bone, but there's still plenty to see. It's just that I think they understand what people want. Not only are their designs practical and chic, they are things people want to wear-- they are clothes that look good on people, on the hanger, or tossed on the bedroom floor. That's what it's all about, isn't it? They make things people want. I can dig this, findamentally.

Here is a photo from the Rag & Bone show earlier this week:

from the Rag&Bone show
NY Fashion Week

Also, I've been working in between all the fun, too. I have a couple shots from several shoots I've done in the last week for your viewing pleasure. Fall is my favorite in terms of fashion seasons. I love layers and muted prints and vintage deliciousness. Fall fashion has the uncanny ability to take my mind off boys and obligations and all the other things that make me feel strange.

These are just two from the shoot with Jim of UBU Photography.
I love this black dress. It's handmade by Carter Donovan from Legacy Apparel. He is immensely talented and I LOVE his designs. I paired it up with my Lou-lou gladiator sandals and I am pleased with the outcome.
The "1969" dress was created by Sascha Morello of Legacy Apparel and that got matched with my these sexy vint-ahhh-ge babies, bought in Spain (yum, yum, yummy!) for just such a dress. Yes.
This is one of the insane headshots I took for Cobie Church, Hollywood MUA.
The fall is going to be very intense and sexy.
This is one of the art shots I did for Kayelless. It's very intense and kind of gory, but I love how gritty it is.
Jordan Campbell is the MUA
That's it for now. 
Love you madly!

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