Wednesday, September 2, 2009

i'll be holding my breath with the best intentions.

Yesterday, I had the pleasure of shooting in good old Murfreesboro with Jim of UBU Photography. It was a beautiful day and we shot along the Greenway and the battlefield. You would never believe the endless possibilities Murfreesboring has to offer photographically, but there is some serious potential if you take the time to notice it.

I like discoveries like this one. They give me hope that if the planet isn't obliterated by us, them, or who/whatever by 2012 or 2038 or whenever the big one's supposed to hit--there will still be something in the world worth wanting to look at, regardless of if we take the time to do so.

Be on the lookout for shots from yesterday. I think you'll dig.

Today, I shot some insane headshots for Cobie Church, MUA to the stars. It was fun and I got to wear ridiculous makeup (and what girl doesn't love ridiculous makeup?) plus, she's really funny. Funny people are my favorite kind of people, hands down.

Those shots will be along shortly, as well.

After that, I was supposed to work out with Coco. We actually went to work out, which turned into me napping on her couch and going home to watch Slumdog Millionaire for the third time this week. I just need an accountability buddy who is actually accountable. I love her, but she is not. We're too much alike in that respect. You can't pair up two slackers and expect to get anything done. She is leaving tomorrow for Fashion Week and we did not work out today. Maybe since she's leaving so early, she'll make use of all that extra time and spend some time in the hotel gym, although I doubt it highly.

I did go to the dance studio pretending I would be doing some ballet. When I got there, there were 20 eight-year olds swinging around on the barres, so it was a no go. It's times like these I wish I ran, but I don't run. I never run. Running and I do not get along.

I am looking forward to Fashion Week. It's my favorite holiday.

Tomorrow morning, I have to go to Atlanta. I'll be back tomorrow night or Friday night, but I am not excited about the 4 hour drive, by myself, super early. I've got to meet with Lois and do all the measurement/test shot updates/etc. Being measured by someone at your agency is very stressful. Ask anyone who knows.

Keep your fingers crossed that the pizza I just ate will settle somewhere more helpful than my hips. Thanks.

love you madly,

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