Friday, September 11, 2009

Inside Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Day 3- just the beginning.

for those of you out there who aren't able to enjoy the 
festivities of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week,
FEAR NOT! Rejoice in the fact that
there are many, many
insiders who
don't want
you to
here is the schedule for the week. times, dates, locations of 
shows. I suggest you get to your tents as early as possible, because I hear many, many seats are oversold and lots of people are missing out on shows because of it.

 Anna Wintour definitely got her seat, though.


Natalie said...

haahaha definitely looks like anna found her seat front row and center! my favorite so far are erin wasson's, cynthia rowley, and alex wangs! :)


jenn said...

erin wasson's was awesome. I also loved charlotte ronson and rag & bone.


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