Thursday, September 3, 2009

theories. snuggie show at fashion week

It's weird to me that Snuggie has a show during Fashion Week. Is anyone going to that show? Will people actually be there watching men, women, children, and dogs walking down a runway in fleece, backless cult robes? And I thought one size fit all? What the hell is that show even going to be about? So, they got some new colors and prints-- that's all I'm saying. Weird, Snuggie. Weird.

I had my meeting at the office (in Atlanta, 4 hours from home) at 11, so I had to get up and drive, which wasn't so bad, except the rain. I'm still here, in Lois' office, waiting. Adam was supposed to be here with some paperwork and he was scouting in somewhere and didn't have a fax machine, we are. I got meausred, though.

height: 5'9", numbers: 34-26-36, shoe: 10US dress size: 4/6 if you were wondering. I know I was.

So, it's not as bad as I feared. It's actually pretty good and I'm okay with this.

The only thing I don't love is that I've had this crick in my neck for two days. I think it's because of all the tension I carry in my shoulders and jaw. This is, of course, my own self diagnosis, since I don't have healthcare and the public option is probably off the table.

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