Tuesday, October 20, 2009

my sister's poetry (To know me, know this:)

You've heard me talk about Kari. She is the big sister I never had. She is one of those rare people in the world who truly connects with the whole artistic intent of life. She tapped into the creative well and found it hydrating. These are the best kind of people, in my opinion. They know that life and love can only truly exist together on a plane that defies all logic and supercedes all circumstance. Of the few people in the world I think have truly "gotten" me, she's high on that short list.

To know me, know this:

I need to create or I fade inside myself
No one can hold me too tightly
I can bite
Let me be who I am and speak to the world through little circle frames
Let me channel waves and play with them for hours
Let me be naked and paint in the middle of the night with my hands
Let me write about you without you knowing it
I will never apologize for what I must do to be who I am
I am loyal to you but above all, I am loyal to myself
Without any of this - I would never attract you anyway
My aura is thirsty upon that in which I create
My world in which you love, is held up by my passion
The same passion that wants to devour you, ritually
To know me, know this:
Without love, my art lacks... without art, my love lacks

* how fortunate are we who's thoughts are understood when we dont have the words?

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