Tuesday, October 27, 2009

SOA:Maggie Siff/"Tara"

Right now, I'm watching Sons of Anarchy, my favorite television drama. It comes on FX on Thursday nights at 10/9C. I really love it. It's got a great story, a stellar cast, and it literally keeps me on the edge of my seat every week. I recommend you checking it out.

Last season when the show began, I didn't much care for Maggie Siff's character, Tara. She's the doctor-girlfriend of Jax (Charlie Hunnam). In the first season, I couldn't really tell how she fit into the lives of all these tough outlaw-types. I mean, what's a pediatrician doing running around with members of a motorcycle club, porn actors, and corrupt cops? But this season, I understand her a little more. I'm starting to see the complexities of her character unfold and I like her. She's becoming a badass. I love it. I'm starting to really see the connection between the characters of Tara and Jax. I can understand where she's coming from. She loves Jax and even though he's not the easiest person to love, there she is willing to do it.

Here's Miss Siff on the red carpet for the premiere of the movie Push earlier this year.
Looking damn good, might I say.

This season, she's getting over some of her fears and letting herself get taken deeper into the life. She shot up one of the porn girl's cars in the parking lot of the studio and it was a truly epic moment. She hasn't been so mild or passive this season. She loves her man and she's willing to do anything for that love. It's really kind of inspiring.

Bad boys make good girls do some crazy things. I love her character for reminding us of that.

So, I take it back, Tara. I'm glad the writers decided to make you real and layered and complex.You add something that the show wouldn't be the same without. Gemma's still my number 1 lady on the show, but you're a very, very close second.


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