Thursday, October 1, 2009

The world at large

I'm listening to my Xbox 360 on shuffle.

Yesterday, Zoey was born. I got to meet her today. She is the daughter of two of my closest friends in the entire world. This is exciting for a number of reasons 1. She's the first baby anyone in our immediate group has had (that we know of, because we're pretty much comprised of 6 guys and 2 girls...). 2. Because babies are cool. They're tiny and cute and even though they poop and puke and stuff, it's not unlike some of the boys have been known to do here in their 20s. 3. She is perfect. I got to hold her and she was cool with it. She wasn't fussy or anything and apparently hasn't been for the whole 28ish hours she's been here on this earth independent of her mom. She's chill, like us.

I will post a picture of Miss Zoey Eleanor tomorrow. You'll love her.

This weekend, (10/3) I have a shoot with Rohan of photominimal photography. He's got some really cool concepts and I'm already in love with the location as it's been described to me. (did I mention he's French-Canadian?) I can't wait. He describes his photos as "quiet," which I would say is accurate, along with "thoughtful" and "subtle" which is how I describe them. I'm not sure who the MUA is, but there is one.

I've also got some upcoming work with Danny Myers of Studio Shoots photography, Grant Lovett and his photography students. Plus, I've already booked for a shoot with Leland Coleman of Overlook Photography for December. Not to mention, I'm working on a concept that will be shot with Jim Oberman of UBU Photography, and shooting for the newest additions to the Legacy collection with resident Legacy photo-duo Micah Willis or Gavin Trump of Micah Willis Photography.

Oh yeah, we're going to begin filming for the pilot, too. And did I mention the Model Call/Party at 12th and Porter this Friday night?
-The Model Call begins at 5
-The Party starts at 9 (it's $5 to stay and party)
It will be fun and there will be good things happening muscially and party-ly.

Somewhere during this, I have to have figure out a good time to have a production meeting, do some laundry, and sign things, locate documents, and other various me-type work things.

For now, I think I'll try to sleep.

If you happen to be feeling neglected, know that I'm still crazy about you. I'm just too busy to do anything about it.

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