Sunday, November 29, 2009

I love a good adventure.

Oh, hello my lovelies. Happy Sunday morning!

I've been antsy for the last week, because I've been ill, so I should warn you, this could get kind of...involved. I've spent a lot of time in bed at my parents house with not a living soul to talk to or look at for a staggering majority of the time, so the ranting has built up.

I have a lot to say and no one to say it to. It's kind of a bummer, especially when you're not well.

Living in the country is weird. I mean, the legit country-- where your neighbor's chickens run around in your yard and there are more cows than houses, exponentially. It's great because it allows you to explore. I love a good adventure. It's also nice because of the privacy. There is serenity in it. I've lived in apartments and houses in cities and towns. I lived in houses in neighborhoods, but this one (my childhood home) has the best view of the sky, to date. I can see millions of stars standing in my front yard on any given night and I'd only trade that for a beach at this point.

Sometimes, the seclusion is nice, but I think you could understand where one might go a little stir crazy...

So, I went to the ER, which was ghastly. I sat there in the modern deco waiting room with other people pale and shaking from god-knows-what. I was glad that it was only five hours of waiting as opposed to the eight or ten it easily could have been. Unfortunately, I got a "we'll have to wait and see" rather than a reason for being sick. But it's not so bad today, which is to say 'it's getting better' and if no one else is panicking, I'm sure as hell not going to. No one wants to be that guy.

I'll just take this time to give you some of the advice I actually find to be useful. KNOW YOUR BODY. When something's not right, you can tell. Don't ignore it. Take care of yourself. Don't be a foul, sickly beast...just sayin'. It's off-putting.

One of my favorite girls in the entire world Erin Wasson and I feel the same way about the whole situation. On her closet door in huge black letters are the words "Know Your Bones, Love My Bones" and I couldn't agree more.

As far as everything else goes, I dunno... Since it's that time of year again, I can't think straight since my brain isn't releasing such-and-such hormone due to lack of sunlight. I can't tell how I feel about anything and it's discouraging. I want to cut off all my hair, but the shape of my face begs to differ. It's just that it's so thick and it's so hot that sometimes, I'd really just rather not.

Since I was sick, I didn't get to enjoy Thanksgiving dinner, either. Which was a bummer. I was sick throughout all the days of leftovers, too. No appetite on Thanksgiving...not the best situation to be in.

I'm trying to find some things to distract me from all the things that may not exactly be going my way, so we're adding to the book project and making it bigger. That means we need more resources, but between all the people involved, I doubt it will be an issue.

And then, there's that whole matter of those know the kind...for that one person (and how to work around that effectively and efficiently). Uugh.

But whatever, what's happened has happened what's coming is already on it's way.

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AJ "Rohzi" Ellington said...

Being sick on any holiday is the pits to the inth degree. Sorry. : - /

Hearing about your childhood home makes me miss my own. I lived in the country as well. Cows, chickens, and horses all around.. hell, even ostriches, believe it or not ( I had a weird neighbor who liked to breed them). Of course, over the years, more and more people moved to where we were and it became less... "country." But it's still beautiful and peaceful there, and my parents still have a backyard that an acre and a half. Pow.

Get well soon, if you're not better just yet. The world is waiting on your recovery.


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