Monday, November 23, 2009


My mom was a model first. Before I was even born. I got into the whole thing because of her. I'm lucky because she's got the hook up. I admit I wouldn't have had even 1/2 the opportunities I've gotten to enjoy because of this simple fact. She's an impressive lady.
 I inherited her long legs and her natural ability to badassedness in terms of style. Here are some of my mom's photos from
back in the day.
Isn't she a total babe?

(personal fave)

(retro stylings)

(even before myspace, girls knew how to work the angles)

(now you see where I get it)

(thanks for the legz, mom!)

(I have my mom to thank for my eyebrows, too)

(guess who has this dress.)

(music festival)

(*please note how totally creepster the mustachio is.)

Maybe I'll do that half of my genetic code justice.

I ♥ my Mommy.

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