Thursday, December 17, 2009

By all means, go ahead and indulge.

No duh, I have a millionzillionbillion concepts for photoshoots clanking around in my head like used car parts in a backpack. Most of these are going to be featured in our photobook just as soon as it's all done, but some I think are really just for me. I have a concept that I really want to shoot for myself, with my friends (with no restrictions on how tall anyone has to be or anything crazy like that!). The only stipulation is that you are beautiful (which by my standards, all my friends totally are and more)... whatever that means, anyway tho. There would 4-5 female models and 2-3 propmodelguys. The girls would be entirely done up in prom/charity style formal gowns &styling, and the guys would be superduper, real deal, Johnny Rotten punks. Filthy musician types...mmmm.  As far as setting a shoot like that, I could either use something that looked like a classy banquet hall-type situation --Nashville City Club comes to mind, because it's so classy and I love it there--- and something alley-like that could probably be found with little to no issue downtown. There's a lot of juxtaposition and contrast in it in my head, but I lack the technical know-how to pull it off. So if anyone in the Nashville (or even within a reasonable distance) area feels like indulging me, by all means go ahead and indulge. If executed properly, I think it could be a nice prom spread, but also really fun, young, hip imagery on an artistic level, too. Right up my alley.

I've been really wanting to get into photography, lately. It's not uncommon that models often get in to photography at some point, so it wouldn't be like I was some kind of terrible musician trying to act or anything...although, broadening your body of work is important. First, I suppose I would need to buy a camera, which horrifies me because I don't know where to start and I know it's all a matter of preference, but I haven't a clue. Not the slightest clue. Then, I'll have to compound some linear knowledge just basic enough to function and eventually, gain the vastness of the inner workings of the art, itself. Which will only further motivate me to relocate to a place where one might be able to make a reasonable living in the world of modeling & photography without having to do anything to crude or graphic, although by no means am I saying that I want to grow up and be a "photographer". I think that's best left to you, who is already doing such a wonderful job. I know my place is in front of the camera. I prefer it that way. But I would like to be able to take photos like the ones in my head, if the mood ever happens to strike me.

This time of year is ridiculous. I feel like I'll never have the time to sit down and rub the tension from my neck and shoulders. But I can't imagine doing anything else, though. Nothing. I'll be the first to admit that I have a very particular and focused set of skills...majoring in Theatre doesn't exactly prepare you for life in the way that you might think it probably I'll do what I can do, which is stand on seamless paper and pose my cute little ass off.

And I'll go with what I know for now, and maybe I'll meet some interesting people and maybe learn some cool shit along the way. And who knows?? Maybe you can show me a thing or two while we're here and together?

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paige said...

sounds like fun - keep me posted - love to be a part of it


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