Tuesday, December 15, 2009

a day with giovanni viori (pt. 1)

Good morning, my loves. It's not quite 8am here and I've been awake for 4 hours already. Why? Because today I'm shooting with Giovanni Viori who's work has appeared in everything from ELLE to Vogue to Town & Country. He's a wonder and I love him so much because he is how I envision a younger Steven Meisel might have been. Always watching and seeing. Mysterious.

And then, of course there's that Tuscan accent and the hotness to match. So, I really can't complain. I don't know what's happening to me. I really love photographers lately. More than usual, even. Maybe it's because my last 3 jobs have been with young and handsome guys.

We're shooting some editorial stuff to appear in the first issue of City Lights (NFC's quarterly publication devoted to recognizing eco-friendly efforts of people, organizations, and businesses). I think you'll really dig it.

I'm having a really good day. I don't know... the last couple of days have been nice. A nice change from being sick and  then too busy catching up from being sick, but now...It started on Wednesday. I had a nice, long shoot with Tony and got to play up my darker side a little bit. It was a long day, but it was good and I walked away from it having learned a thing or two in the process. Plus, we did some high art/gallery type stuff that will blow your mind. Just you wait 'enry 'iggins. Just you wait.

I finally got the time to see my friends this weekend, too. I'm sure that has a lot to do with the reason I'm in such good spirits today. It's important to have something that is completely separate from work and worry and all those things you can't stand, but have to deal with. They're that, for me. Because there's so much else that HAS to be done and it's a lot of responsibility, but it's important to have someone you can go to and have a beer with, watch a movie with, or whatever without thinking too much about working. Although, I certainly can't complain, if this is what I get to do all day every day. It's the best job in the world.

Real life is hard, though some might argue that this isn't exactly 'real-life.' I have to disagree, though. Considering my work day today began at 4:30am and will not officially end until probably 10 or 11pm, I'd say this is as real as this shit comes.

Also, I am coexecutiveproducing a documentary. WTF, you ask? Well, yes. Yes I am.

Being busy is good, though. And if you can find paying work (that isn't getting naked for some creeper), which is not always easy in a smaller market like this without too much need for intense traveling, then good for you. You rule.

Since Christmas is a time when you can ask and maybe, just maybe your wishes could come true....I want to be photographed by Shawn Regruto. I'm not kidding. As far as editorial photography (which could easily be my secret lover if it were possible) he's got it squared away. I saw his film Point&Shoot years ago, fresh out of high school and it was just around that time when I was really falling in love with Athena Currey, so it was perfect. Ask anybody who knows 'Shawn knows his way around models.' But it's not just that I'm a sucker for a charmer, it's that he's takes stunning, honest photos and I want to get in on it. See?



Alright now, time's up so I've got to get back to work. Seamless paper, here I come!


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