Monday, January 11, 2010

creep by radiohead.

the title is "creep" by radiohead, because I am one. don't read too much into it. it's simple as that.

I shot with Bruce Yonce today. Let me just say, he is crazy good. I worked with a couple of the members of my new favorite glam squad, Samantha Yanco, incredible MUA and Jessica Hallett, extraordinary Hair stylist. I have a major style crush on them. Those babes have got vision. I'm not even gonna lie...if I need the be dolled up for any reason, they're first on my list. Nashville, take note.

There were some boobs in this shoot, and you will be seeing them here. I warn you in case breasts offend you, in which case, we don't really have much in common, most likely and therefore, you shouldn't even be reading this in the first place. Bye bye, you.

Here you go:


I'll treat you with more tomorrow as he sends them. There's a lot of variety in the styling. We did 3 looks and their all totally different. This is the last look (French Vogue-y) and the first look (glam rock-y).

INTERVIEW MAGAZINE, here I come? Or, I dunno...maybe ZINK?
perhaps sooner rather than later.

I'd explode into a million pieces just to be in the background of any page in either one.

I had a very good day, although it seems I've been injured during the course. Whatever. I don't even care. I'm not even going to wash this hairspray out of my hair tonight. That's just plain ridiculous, but I'm living on the edge and you can't bring me down.


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Anonymous said...

I had a blast doing your hair! Any time you need it done let me know :) I kinda have a crush on you too...


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