Sunday, January 31, 2010

i'm open these days (random musings)

If I ever have a daughter, I think I might name her Tennessee. I know it's a boy's name, traditionally, but I think it will be nice later on in my life to think about having named my daughter after this strange place. I'm having some good times here. And while I don't plan on being here forever, it's been an overwhelmingly good place to come of age, whatever that means. I think this kid would have to be hypothetically pretty cool, too. Right? I mean, you don't get a badass name like Tennessee Gem Blake-Something and not be a badass.

I'm kidding about the "Gem" thing kinda. That's actually just a song. (Tennessee Gem, Jessie Baylin) although saying it aloud does have an interesting little something.

My brother asked me today why I "can't do normal-girl modeling." I didn't know what he meant, either... but upon his jumbled explanation, he would like to see me do some more commercial-type things versus super fashiony things. 

I realized something about myself. I'm good at making guys want me. I can't make them want to date me or marry me, but for some reason, they always come round with their tongues wagging. Do you ever wonder what's the difference between what a man is thinking when he looks at you and what you want him to be thinking? I do. All the time. It's really weird because I'm soooo not 'that kind of girl' at all.

And it's weirder, because I'm not what I think one would traditionally define as "sexy" although I suppose I can be. I'm thin and tall and have small breasts and awkward baby-deer-like knees. I do have incredible wrists and ankles, though. They tell me that has something to do with it, since the wrists are for some strange reason, the most alluring part on a woman's body according to Dr. Such-and-such, Behavioral Psychologist.

I don't even know what I'm talking about anymore.

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