Thursday, February 25, 2010

thighs wide shut

I have a lot more time to expand my musical collections now that I spend so much less time worried about boys. It's not all sunshine and roses, because most songs remind me of boys...a particular one, to be specific, but like Elliot Smith said, "Everything Reminds Me of [Him]."  Plus,  I know eventually that type of concern will just hasn't yet. So, I'm listening to more music these days. I've found that my interests are more developed than they used to be musically. I used to be a music snob, until I realized music snobbery is reserved for the member of the douchebag council, of which I am not included (of which I am actively trying to avoided induction).

I couldn't shake myself of all my pretension, though.because I'm still searching high and low for all the excellent albums I've stumbled across on vinyl. In my opinion, it's how we are supposed to listen to music at home. Nothing sounds as good to me as a 7". No Mp3, Mp4, cd or audio file you come up with is going to give the listener the same clarity they can get from a vinyl album. Try me. If you don't have a record player, come over and you can use mine. I'll even show you how to use it properly.

So...because I'm a music snob, who's currently feeding her indie rock monsters, I've been spending a lot of time on Gorilla vs. Bear finding out about awesome new indie releases, re-releases, bands, artists...

I even found out Beach House was re-releasing their self-titled 2006 LP on HeartbreakBeat records. And I love it.  They're like, one of my favorite indie labels because all the music I've known for them to sign/support have been fun and good and takes me back to some good times. I love HBB. You can buy Beach House's rereleased LP here at the Heartbreak Beat Records store along with some excellent titles including, Jana Hunter/Inoculist split 7", Hundreds and Thousands self-titled 10", and a bunch of other quality tapes, cds, albums and whatnot. On the topic of Beach House, among my indie aficionado friends,  Beach House isn't as good as Broadcast (I also love Broadcast) and their music is "too reminiscent" of The Velvet Underground & Nico, but I disagree... although I admit, the first time I heard "You Came to Me" from the their second album Devotion (2008)  and thought it was The Velve...& Nico, but it doesn't make it a bad song. In fact, it could make it better.

If you're into that kind of thing, rock it out. 

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