Tuesday, March 2, 2010

old photos of live music

The best thing about Nashville, in m opinion is the excellent music we get to enjoy. There are a lot of hot bands/musicians to come out of Nashville. Not just country music, like a lot of people think. We have all sorts of stuff going on from Kings of Leon to Ke$ha.

I see a lot of music. I go to a lot of shows and get into a lot of bands and am filled with hometown pride when I hear The Pink.Spiders/Matt Friction or Paramore or AutoVaughn or American Bang or Danielle Bloom or Parabelle or Butterfly Boucher or Elle KinkAdor or even Framing Hanley or whoever is doing anything worth mentioning, because they are mine. I can claim them because if you're in the music scene in Nashville, you know we're all one big family.

Ask anyone.

Come to Nashville if you've never been. You're in for a good time.

here are some pictures I just found on my bro's computer of an old KoL show where the Whigs & We Are Scientists opened at Municipal.

It's always fun when bands come home to play while they're on tour. Those shows are always the best.

This was a really great night and if I may say so...I never really realized how much of a babe Keith Murray was until just now. We Are Scientists are coming back to Nashville to play at the 5 Spot and I'm going to see if I can hit that....maybe. Hahaha!


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