Friday, March 19, 2010

Paper Heart

My baby sis and I watched the movie Paper Heart today. I hadn't seen it, although it came out last year. It was written by (director) Nicholas Jasenovec and (actress) Charlyne Yi and also stars Michael Cera. It got some nods at the Sundance Film Festival (winner- Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award & nominee- Grand Jury Prize). 

I've been in sort of a weird place in terms of love, so I think this movie did a nice thing for me. Not just because I've loved Michael Cera since Arrested Development, but also because I think it's possible that some of those interviews were really what I needed to hear....
Mostly, because I, as is the norm, find myself in a complicated love.
But I think it is real love. 
It's been reaffirmed in a weird way by this day.
it also shows me that love is deeper and more complicated than anything we can express in words. The people in this movie tried, though. I think they did a good job. 

All of my feelings about love come from movies and fairy tales---then, I grew up and learned that life is nothing like that. The thing about love is that is has to be on both sides. There are evolutionary influences, sure and biochemical influences, but there's a little magic in there, too...Love is about giving what you've got and not asking anything for it. SOMETIMES, YOU'VE JUST GOT TO LIVE AND SEE WHAT HAPPENS. EVEN IF IT HURTS SOMETIMES, YOU'VE GOT TO TAKE RISKS. 

love is:

  • worth working for and fighting for
  • learning to overlook certain shortcomings

that's all I've got so far. But I'm working on it.

Plus, tomorrow is the first day of the rest of my life, so that's something to look forward to.

Hope, right?

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