Wednesday, March 31, 2010

we all want to see me as the face of an international cosmetics brand, right?

Friends, I have the opportunity to be the new face of Wet & Wild cosmetics, but I need your help. If you could, take the .000678 seconds it takes to vote  and I’ll love you until the moon’s upside down.
I might even make it worth your while. We can make out, and you can take pictures.
You can vote by text message
VOTE FOR ME. (It’s Free, so you’re not out anything but a 30 second text)
Text: YMX6HP
to:53037 to be the new face of Wet & Wild. I’m in the semifinals and if I win…I’ll make out with everyone who votes. You could even take a picture of it if you wanted
because I really do love you a lot

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