Monday, April 12, 2010

7 fashion shows, 4 days. The rundown.

It all started because Maragaret May asked me if I'd like to be in her show for her newest collection in Nashville's leg of The Southern Women's Show. Then, I heard we would be competing during this time to find a model to represent Johnathan Kayne (Project Runway season 3) and all the while walking in the debut of his S/S2010 collection for 5 shows. One more show was added for me for Cajun Moon at the last minute and that makes 7.

margaret may- 12p.
house of kayne debut- 2p
house of kayne- 3p
it's my prom/house of kayne- 11a
house of kayne- 3p
cajun moon- 12p
house of kayne finale/american ego model search- 3p

my body's going to need another day to rest. ESPECIALLY because I spent the day with baby sis and she wore my already old, tired bones out. And it's getting hot. Neighbors were actually playing in the sprinklers (which I think is crazy, because while yes, it is hot, it's not that hot). We got up super early and had breakfast and went for a short walk with the dogs to get some sun. Then, we came home watched Alvin & the Chipmunks: The Squeakquel, which is a door that swings both ways for me, because I'm pretty sure those chipmunk voices are going to be the reason for that mysterious aneurysm that takes me out while I'm somewhere terribly inconvenient, like an airplane bathroom, BUT Simon, my personal favorite of the Seville bros is voiced by gorgeous and lovely model-actor-writer-artist-director-possible-love-of-my-life, Matthew Gray Gubler,  whom I love very much and makes me smile whenever. I have the pleasure of saying he's a lovely human being. And that's pretty cool to me.

And I'm not sure if I mentioned or if you noticed, but he's gorgeous, too. And you know I'm not complaining about that.
(and I don't feel bad for being caught glancing down in runway photos, either because it's better to look down at the curve than fall off or bust your ass. Trust me.
 As you can see, I'm judging the distance before I hit the end of the catwalk during the finale and YES, I'm looking down. I've seen too many people fall off runways and stages not to give it a glance. I think it's good practice when you're all in a line and you've got to keep moving with everyone else. Just be sure you get the chance to work it when you're out there and you can look down all you want. Industry secret: they DON'T actually want you to fall. They want to see the garment.

anyway, I'm still tired and I miss my dress and all the girls and Margaret and Tish and JK and Chris, even when he's unhappy and I'm glad April is such a busy month because the busier I am, the better I'll be. And the less time I'll have to go crazy.

And Vanilla Sky is on, and I love this movie.


All in all, it's been a good weekend. And after tomorrow, I'm back to work for another 4 days, off two, then on for 5 more. I suspect many of these days will be 10+ hours, including travel. This is what it's like to be a working model, I suppose.

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