Tuesday, April 20, 2010

the Devil collects it with a grin.

Tonight, I am reminiscent of the pillow scars you got sometimes. Seeing you asleep always made me fall half in love. I can't help it. Sometimes, I have to stop myself from reaching across space to try and touch you.

Ugh. You haven't even been away that long, and still I'm listening to Anthony Green cover "Unravel" by Bjork and thinking "Oh, shit. Not again. Oh, please. Not again. Oh, God. Not again." and feeling like...

While you are away,
my heart comes undone.
It slowly unravels, like a ball of yarn.
the Devil collects it with a grin...
our love, in a ball of yarn.
He'll never return it.
Never return it.
So when you come back, we'll have to make new love.

If I were anyone but me, I'd be so annoyed with my bullshit right now.

INSTEAD, let's  look at some more photos from my shoot with Christie.
Bruce was our photog, Sarah King was the MUA and we played around with both ends of the spectrum.

It's a Night and Day situation.

Night &Day

Day & Night

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