Friday, April 16, 2010

everyone rereads The Perks of Being a Wallflower this time of year.

It's true. There is a huge percentage of people talking about it, by comparison to other times when no one talks about it. I'm not rereading it, but a lot of people I know and know of seem to be. It's a Spring thing.

Now, I loved that book. I first read it in 8th or 9th grade (that perfect time for smart a kid to read that book, just as future reference). It changed my life. Really. But it's true. I mean, I still have my worn old copy with the water rings from the irresponsible ex and the torn pages from nights of reading and rereading it. Even Julia over at Free People,  is talking about it, the 16 year olds on Tumblr are talking about it like they're reading it for the first time, even some Facebook statuses are reminiscent of it. Geez. It's like this every year and I notice every year. People read that book in the Spring. Probably because the tone of the book so perfectly matches the way people feel this time of year.

Or maybe that's just me, which is just about as likely as anything else.
But I don't feel the need to be in constant opposition to the universe.
Because I love the wonder of it all. And because no matter
what. It is what it is..Whether we fight
or not

I think, probably, at some point people have to make peace with that on some level.
.I probably just didn't get invited to the book club, though. 

Nobody likes a showoff.

Fun fact: Stephen Chbosky (author)- went on to write the screenplay for movie-musical version of Rent, whether that's a good or bad thing, I don't know. I go back and forth with that one.

Last night, I went over to Ash Li's to christen her new home-studio. It was cool. She is a new photographer and the other girl who came to shoot was a new model. So new, in fact that the two of them met by chance earlier that day and she just asked her if she was interested in shooting. She'd never done anything before.
And I'm still picking confetti out of my hair, if that gives you any indication of anything.

I've seen one quick edit and my face is airbrushed to look almost completely smooth. It's crazy. My body looks very thin and my face looks plump and round because all the lines are gone (cheekbones, jaw--two of m best features!) but like I said, she's a new photographer, so I'm not going to give her a hard time.

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