Monday, April 19, 2010

Guerilla Fashion: technically, i'm an independent contractor

Sometimes, when people ask what I do, I tell them I don't do anything. This is a lie, because I do a lot of things. What I mean when I say that is that I don't have a "regular" job, in the traditional sense. Right now, I'm working 3 places, plus lessons, classes, odds&ends.

I want you to know what I do. I'd like to give you a glimpse into my week. 

  • primarily, I am something of a caregiver. I have a 22 year old sister with fairly severe Cerebral Palsy (can't walk, talk, extremely limited use of motor skills/physical functionality). Because she has special needs, I have to learn about those needs and how to meet them. It's just me and her in total, for about 40 hours a week, give or take. It's cool, because I get to spend time hanging out with my sister (who even though it sounds cheesy, is my real, legit best friend) and who wouldn't want THAT job? It's also a constant-care situation, so it's exhausting to my frail little 23 year old body to lift her and carry her and stuff by the end of the week. I like it, though. And if I can't make it to the gym, at least I know my upper body is getting a workout. BECAUSE OF HER, I'm starting on my first ever attempt at a documentary project. It's going to be about families with special needs; how they accommodate & function, because I'm telling you, people get really creative. I've seen it. Hell, I've done it. (example: I'm working with designer Athena Rowe to create a line of eco-friendly drapes, coats, sweaters to cover wheelchairs)
  • nextly, I'm a fashion model. People literally pay me various sums of money to wear their clothes, makeup, jewelry, or hold their products. I am also paid to walk in a line showcasing the works of fashion designers. I'm oversimplifying here, but my job is having my picture taken, or looking good in something someone wants to show off. It's a pretty good situation, if you ask me. Lots of secondary and tertiary responsibilities come from this.

  1. fit model/"Model Muse" for Legacy Brand Clothing Co. F/W09;S/S10 (also sometimes office assistant, music chooser, garment lurk-througher)
  2. posing coach- people hire me to help their models pose comfortably and well at photo shoots. Sometimes, it's photographers, sometimes it's models, sometimes it's parents or the businesses who hire me, so I get to meet A LOT of different people in the fashion industry and it's cool to have some of my favorite photographers and boutiques as clients. 
  3. Creative Director, Nashville Fashion Collective. It's an organization with a focus on fashion philanthropy. Our goal is to use our common interest in fashion to impact the community in a positive way. 
  4. blogger. You knew that. SPEAKING OF: I've been invited to Pittsburgh for the fashion blogger's convention. It's during Lollapalooza but I think I mentioned that in my Bonnaroo post. (invited as a model and a blogger-- in 2 separate envelopes for some weird reason and I know how it sounds when I say I'm invited to a blogger's conference (gay) sounds. But as it turns out, the right people read this shit and it's actually not as gay as it sounds).  Sorry, Wanda Sykes. 
All of this combined is about 30 hours a week, some of which overlaps with my first job.
  • lastly, if it counts, I'm teaching yoga again. 5 hours a week (6am M-F) with Marka & Abby (the best trainers in Nashville, in my humble opinion).
And then, I'm taking French lessons, got boot camp, and am trying to still have a life. 

I'm failing at that last thing. Really badly.

But it's whatever. I shot yesterday with Bruce and the gorgeous and amazing Christie Bicsak with MUA Sarah King for the Collective. We even got booted from Union Station, which is always fun. Plus, Flying Saucer's right there's the best bar in Nashville, if you ask me.

Guerilla fashion!!!

But what I really want is some Gonzo fashion. So, who wants to hook that up?

Dr. T.
one of the five people I want to meet in Heaven.

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