Friday, April 9, 2010

i'm happy because

 Well, I survived the first day of The Southern Women's Show mostly whole. I don't even mind the blisters so much. You know, it's part of the job.
I used to be one of those people who was weird about feet, but I'm over that. Would you like to know why? Because now, I'm obsessed with shoes. So I have to dig feet a little bit, right? Otherwise, the whole shoe-thing is moot and I'm finding that I'm really into shoes. Moreso than I'm not into feet, even. Plus, I've been dancing a little bit (and really missing my MTSU Dance Theatre people lately-- specifically, Justin and Kim but everyone, really).

If you were wondering about today's fashion shows:
Margaret May's show went really well. She's lovely and someone I think I could easily get along with, which is always nice to have when you're working. Plus, she's the one who got me the hook up on this whole thing, so I'm really a huge fan of hers. PLUS, her designs are very flowing and classy and elegant and totally wearable, which I really, really love. Photos will have to come a little later for those, because I didn't even realize I had my camera until everyone started pulling out theirs for Kayne's show. Ooooh, fail. There are photos, though. They do exist. You'll see them soon and you'll love her new collection. Just you wait.

Alright, so I'm going to give you the rundown in pictures. 

backstage at the debut of Johnathan Kayne's S/S2010 collection
Nashville, TN April 8-11
Nashville Convention Center 

Now normally, I would NEVER photograph a model sitting in a dress, definitely never right before going out on the runway, because it feels so incriminating to me. Weird, right? But it was cool, because if neither Kayne or Chris (Wilmer, Creative Director) freaked, I'm  not going to get my panties all a-twist. But it was crazy to me. Can you imagine sitting down after Karl put you in one of his dresses? Probably not. No... probably not. I mean, obviously this is not a big deal in real life. I just have some crazy compulsive/ritualistic behavior at fashion shows (because falling or having my clothes fall off on the runway are two things I live in constant fear of, and both have already happened to me in my short time here on Earth) and I get anxiety worse than any stage fright I've ever even come close to acting on stage. But sitting in a gown like this is just crazy to me.

All I'm doing is walking, but to a model, walking can be a very imposing task.

It's hard and exhausting and even if fashion doesn't seem like work to people who don't do it as work, ask anyone in the industry and they'll probably tell you some variation of this;

Yes, it is fun. You get to be creative in so many amazing ways, but it is also exhausting and you have to work very, very hard to be worth anything at all-- and even then, no matter how good you are, you still might not get anywhere with it. It's just part of the deal. There's a huge physical and emotional toll when you dedicate yourself to such an organic industry that's wants and expectations are constantly changing and you have to keep up. There's no other choice but to get left behind and have to find something else to do...and nothing else will ever be quite like it.

 And now I have to go to bed. Model call isn't until 1:30 tomorrow, but I have to suffer the tortures of weekday parking in Nashville and I'm tired and my feet hurt (and I'm hungry, but the dress has to zip for the next 3 days).

I love you. I miss you. Just because I'm busy doesn't mean I don't.

How we suffer for our arts.


aliciaboswell_1925 said...

Jenn, you are so right......some ppl don't realize that modeling is not just walking or just posing for a picture......I can WALK to the park or POSE for a family portrait, but modeling is an art, a craft that has to be perfected! Love this blog:)

jenn said...

Alicia, you said it PERFECTLY! and I don't know if you noticed but the back of that dress looks damn good.


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