Monday, May 24, 2010

A Weekend in Wonderland

I told you I was going to be busy, and I am. I'm about halfway through about 2 and a half weeks of work without a technical day off. The ONLY thing that has gotten me through it this far is that I happened to have a weekend of jobs booked in the town where my besties happen to live. I'm not going to deny doing that on purpose so I could see them. I'll just tell you about the last couple of days because they're pretty much the interesting ones.

FRIDAY: I was one of the girls lucky enough to walk in the Pink Elephant show, by the incredible and oh-so-sweet Truly Alvarenga. The inspiration for her new collection is a very whimsical Harajuku idea and I love it. The colors are vivid and rich and the garments (dresses, tops, bottoms, swimsuits) are really bold and beautiful. They make you have fun. And who doesn't love to have fun?!?! That's right. No one. Everyone loves fun. Not even the grumpiest, oldest curmudgeon in the world could deny. I also had a good time and met a lot of beautiful and wonderful people. All the models were all so nice, and the event people were so helpful, and the glam squad was so great...believe me, that does not always happen. I didn't meet one rude, bitchy, snarky, or unpleasant person the whole night. Even the parking attendant was nice. I think the universe was doing me a favor because I had really bad cramps. It's just a theory, but a pretty good one, I'd say.You're welcome for that tidbit of info. We were adorned with absolutely gorgeous jewelry by Haley Luffman & Dawn Craft of Chaud Chic Couture.
You can see some of the photos from the show at the amazing, talented, and cute as a button photographer Ariana Jordan's blog, here. She's based out of Knoxville. If you're in or around there, work with her immediately.

I'll be posting photos as I get them, so be on the lookout for that. It will please and surprise your eyes, I think.

And you know that's what I'm going for. 
It's like, completely what I'm about.

SATURDAY: I shot with Jim Oberman of UBU Photography for the 2nd time for the Nashville Fashion Collective. You can take a look at some of those HERE, unless you want to wait, in which case, I'll be posting those as I get them as well. I styled myself and did my own hair and makeup (I'm trying to branch out, because I think its important to be well-rounded). Based on the previews I've seen, there will be some nice, nice, nice ones. He's a great photographer, so I don't doubt it at all.

Also, Saturday night my buddies Geist played a...benefit show... more people should know them, because mark my words, they're good. I suppose they would best be described as an altrock/funk band with jazz influences... but I think that they just play what they like because they're all music people in the truest sense. It's music you can both dance and groove to. The best kind of music if you ask me. Plus, one of the aforementioned besties is in said band, so there's that.

SUNDAY: Another shoot for The Collective. Ed Bodnar was our photographer. We had the lovely Ms. Raynetta Smith styling and Ms. Kas, one of my favorites, as MUA. The models were myself, as well as the very beautiful and amazing ladies, Autumn Ramos Lindsey and Danielle Dobbs. It was 98 degrees (like that ill-fated boy band from the 90s) and we were HOT, but we were lucky enough to enjoy a breeze every now and then and sometimes, it's like that. I think you guys are going to really love those, too. It's the Romantic spring shoot I mentioned briefly some time ago.

And I got to spend some time with my favorite people, too. And watch some Yo Gabba Gabba. And if you've seen the episode with MGMT, I want to shoot in a room like they painted in the "Art is Everywhere" song. Bad. YouTube it if you  must.

All in all, I'd say this weekend was a resounding success.
Thanks for being a part of it.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

please don't book me for the next two weeks. and if you do...

your idea better be INCREDIBLE.  Here's why:

in the next 2 weeks, i'm looking at:
5 shoots, 2 shows, 2 rehearsals for shows, 1 meeting with a rep from Element Models in Atl (in Atlanta), a fitting,  a graduation party, a doctor's appt, and at least 20 hours at Legacy, plus we're doing a lot of work on the book, which is taking up every single bit of free time I had. My working days are usually about 15 hour days, on average. My mom and I figured that out this week.

tough life, eh? but you know I can't complain. I have the best job in the world and a pretty great life to go along with it.

photoshoot: Jim Oberman
photoshoot: Jermaine Wallace
photoshoot: Gavin Trump
photoshoot: Jenny Kai
photoshoot: Will

fashion show: Pink Elephant designs
fashion show: ReCon

rehearsal: House of Brejil designs
rehearsal: ReCon Walk-Off

As a matter of fact, if you're in the Nashville area (or want to be) on May 21st, come out and check out this show. Truly Alvarenga (of Pink Elephant) is a really creative and expressive designer with a really cool aesthetic.

See the Facebook page for her designs here and/or her website here

You can read information about and buy tickets to the show/party here,
but I'll tell you a little about it in case you're too busy to follow the link.

Social Pipeline
THE WEEKEND: Wonderland

Please join us Friday May 21st where world’s will collide for an exceptionally explosive event. THE WEEKEND: Wonderland will bring you an amazing atmosphere and exceptional entertainment. Highlights include (but not limited to) fashion show by local designer, Truly Alvarenga (Pink Elephant), Morelia Cuevas, Josh Macer & Brent Young’s Birthday Celebration’s and mind-blowing musical performances. As always, Social Pipeline promises trendy, one-of-a-kind d├ęcor and a whimsical, unforgettable night!

Doors open at 8:00pm where you’ll enter into the unique land of Wonderland. All guests will have access to 2 full service bars. You’ll start your night off with an amazing fashion show featuring edgy local designer, Truly Alvarenga and her clothing line, Pink Elephant. Models will be accessorized by talented jewelry designers, Haley Luffman & Dawn Craft of Chaud Chic Couture. The fashion show will begin at 9:30pm. Expect to see vibrant fashions adorning 20 of Nashville’s finest on the catwalk. VIP guests who purchase tickets in advance will have a designated front row seat for the show and goodie bag with items from our sponsors. Cabana guest will enjoy an unobstructed view for the entire evening. Following the catwalk will be two distinct musical genres to enjoy. One level brings you the sick sounds of DJ COACH, the other- a live performance by The Chris Weaver Band. Don’t forget about the photo booth provided by Generation Domination!

VIP tickets will allow you access to the 300 square foot balcony overlooking the main floor that will feature an additional bar. Guests not able to purchase a cabana but wanting a place to nest will enjoy a great voyeuristic view of the rest of the party.

A portion of each ticket will benefit NSCC and Rhinestone for a Cure. There will also be a Silent Auction featuring items donated by Kid Rock. 100% of proceeds will be donated to the flood victims in our community.

Friday, May 7, 2010

aftermath of the flood: one week later

most everyone is still reeling from the flood last weekend. it's still weighing heavy on everyone's minds and life, for a lot of people, has come to a stand still until further notice. the whole thing is still so surreal. the water has receded, but the billions and billions of dollars of damage and the lives lost and the...immensity of it kind of rockets you into a somber reality.

so, we're rebuilding and volunteering and its really inspiring to see so many people band together in such a no-bullshit kind of way. for the last few days, we've been going to neighborhoods that were hit hard. we just start at the end of the street and move down door-to-door, moving debris, looking for animals.

Everyone rallied together so quickly. It immediately became about helping your neighbors and getting stuff worked out. It was really inspiring.

I'm so inspired by it, as a matter of fact, that I'm lobbying hard for the proceeds of the Look Book to benefit victims of the flood. I'll let you know what the board thinks about it...

go here to read my tumbls from last week if you need a humorous recap of the events. or go here for my tweets, if you're into that kind of thing.

If you're interested in volunteering and you're in or around or plan to be in the Nashville area, get in touch with those amazing people at Hands On Nashville and they'll get you all squared away.

Or, if you want to make a $10 donation, you can text 'REDCROSS' to 90999 -or- to give to the Metro Restore the Dream fund text 'RESTORE' to UNITED (864833)http://youtube/4FH8Dtz4TmU 

And I'm seeing a lot of terrifying mold growing, too. If you know me, you know I'm having a hard time with that.

I've got some work lined up. I'm shooting with Jermaine for the Collective and he's got some really cool references for the concept.
See? So, something fun is on its way, and I, for one, am glad. Basically, my entire week was canceled because of the flood, so I'm eager to get back to work This also means I get to go shopping and well...

Plus, Athena and I have been working on a small collaborative line of reconstructs for Legacy. I think we're going to be calling it "Dirt" and I think it's going to be a hit. There will be a lot of great pieces for me to wear to Bonnaroo. Hell yes. Next, I'll need to work out a shoot with that and I already basically have an an excellent idea and everything seems like its going to fall into place nicely.

I'm glad. I'm no good when I'm bored.

I'm also waiting for some photos from a shoot I did for Salon Exhale. I can't wait for those. That was a fun day.

I've been learning about construction and brushing up on my sewing and basic design skills lately. I think I want to try and release a specialty fall collection in the next couple of months. I'm all about rallying the cause.

I've got a lot of ideas bouncing around in my head.

Geez, what an exciting time to be alive!?!

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

We Are Nashville

We Are Nashville

We Are Nashville
Allow me a moment to step away from the usual voice of this website.
What I am about to write has absolutely nothing to do with hockey.
If you live outside of Nashville, you may not be aware, but our city was hit by a 500-year flood over the last few days. The national news coverage gave us 15 minutes, but went back to focusing on a failed car bomb and an oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. While both are clearly important stories, was that any reason to ignore our story? It may not be as terror-sexy as a failed car bomb or as eco-sexy as an oil spill, but that’s no reason to be ignored.
The Cumberland River crested at its highest level in over 80 years. Nashville had its highest rainfall totals since records began. People drowned. Billions of dollars in damage occurred. It is the single largest disaster to hit Middle Tennessee since the Civil War. And yet…no one knows about it.
Does it really matter? Eventually, it will…as I mentioned, there are billions of dollars in damage. It seems bizarre that no one seems to be aware that we just experienced what is quite probably the costliest non-hurricane disaster in American history. The funds to rebuild will have to come from somewhere, which is why people need to know. It’s hard to believe that we will receive much relief if there isn’t a perception that we need it.
But let’s look at the other side of the coin for a moment. A large part of the reason that we are being ignored is because of who we are. Think about that for just a second. Did you hear about looting? Did you hear about crime sprees? No…you didn’t. You heard about people pulling their neighbors off of rooftops. You saw a group of people trying to move two horses to higher ground. No…we didn’t loot. Our biggest warning was, “Don’t play in the floodwater.” When you think about it…that speaks a lot for our city. A large portion of why we were being ignored was that we weren’t doing anything to draw attention to ourselves. We were handling it on our own.
Some will be quick to find fault in the way rescue operations were handled, but the fact of the matter is that the catastrophe could not have been prevented and it is simply ignorant beyond all reason to suggest otherwise. It is a flood. It was caused by rain. You can try to find a face to stick this tragedy to, but you’ll be wrong.
Parts of Nashville that could never even conceivably be underwater were underwater. Some of them still are. Opry Mills and the Opryland Hotel are, for all intents and purposes, destroyed. People died sitting in standstill traffic on the Interstate. We saw boats going down West End. And, of course, we all saw the surreal image of the portable building from Lighthouse Christian floating into traffic and being destroyed when cars were knocked into it. I’m still having trouble comprehending all of it.
And yet…life will go on. We’ll go back to work, to school, to our lives…and we’ll carry on. In a little over a month, I’ll be on this website talking about the draft. In October, we’ll be discussing the new Predators’ season with nary a thought of these past few days. But in a way, they changed everyone in this town. We now know that that it can happen to us…but also know that we can handle it.
Because we are Nashville.

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Flat Women Need Love, Too (on real women having curves)

I’ve been thinking about this. You hear all the time “Real women have curves” and “No one wants to be with someone with the body of a prepubescent boy!” and all this stuff in response to society (and mainly fashion)’s typical depiction of beauty, but riddle me this:
Since I don’t have any curves, to speak of (and I really don’t), am I not a real woman? Because it’s not that I wouldn’t love to know what it’s like to have to wear a bra— and believe me, if those of you out there with breasts think it’s annoying to have guys stare at them all the time, try having never known what that feels like at all.
And I don’t really have a butt, either. (This is the part where everyone looks around, confused because I’m a black girl.) No. I mean, I’ve got a little something, but it’s more like “some stuff in the hatchback” vs. “junk in the trunk.”

I’ll break it down.

I’m 5’8.5”/1.74m (pretty tall, but not a giant)
I weigh 125lbs/56.7kg (fairly thin, small framed)
my stats are chest:34”(A cup); waist:24”; hips: 35”
I have always, for the most part been tall and skinny. There were some times in my life where that was less of the case, perhaps, but for the most part…

Enough for me to earn the nickname “Mopstick” while my tall, skinny friend Amanda Petty was called “Broomstick” in middle school (as if those years weren’t awkward enough). Enough for my dad to still joke around that I’m “six o’clock. Get it?  Straight up and down.” Enough for any conversation I participate in to almost always end in “…but you don’t have to deal with that.” And I don’t mind, because I don’t have to deal with it. That’s true. I don’t have to worry about back problems, or if they’re going to look saggy, or if they’re going properly secured in my dress or top. It’s actually sort of nice.

I mean,  I can literally wear a headband bandeau and people don’t sit in wait for a wardrobe malfunction. So…I guess what I’m saying is, there are perks to being small-chested. And even though I’m not build like Marilyn and my hips aren’t “child-bearing” doesn’t mean I’m not a real woman. I’m just a flat one.
Now, I’m okay with this. I love my body. I used to joke to Brandon that he should buy me breast implants (and I think he probably would have, even though that kind of thing goes against everything he stands for) but it kinda goes against what I stand for, too.
I love my bones.
Keep your mountains. I’m fine with my hills.

And wasn’t it Rob Machado (god, I love him.) who said “There’s still a lot you can do on a four-foot wave.” And even though he was talking about surfing, not expecting to go some exotic place and riding huge swells and not boobs, the principle is the same.
Plus, my parents always tell me if I have kids a lot of that will change.

you can kinda see what I mean here. This is from an editorial shoot I did with Rohan last year, when I was a little bigger.
and this is from Chris of Villager Art this past February.
But, I mean, that’s my body.
And I love it.
Even if it’s not curvy.

I'm definitely still a real woman, though.
Just saying.


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