Saturday, May 1, 2010

Flat Women Need Love, Too (on real women having curves)

I’ve been thinking about this. You hear all the time “Real women have curves” and “No one wants to be with someone with the body of a prepubescent boy!” and all this stuff in response to society (and mainly fashion)’s typical depiction of beauty, but riddle me this:
Since I don’t have any curves, to speak of (and I really don’t), am I not a real woman? Because it’s not that I wouldn’t love to know what it’s like to have to wear a bra— and believe me, if those of you out there with breasts think it’s annoying to have guys stare at them all the time, try having never known what that feels like at all.
And I don’t really have a butt, either. (This is the part where everyone looks around, confused because I’m a black girl.) No. I mean, I’ve got a little something, but it’s more like “some stuff in the hatchback” vs. “junk in the trunk.”

I’ll break it down.

I’m 5’8.5”/1.74m (pretty tall, but not a giant)
I weigh 125lbs/56.7kg (fairly thin, small framed)
my stats are chest:34”(A cup); waist:24”; hips: 35”
I have always, for the most part been tall and skinny. There were some times in my life where that was less of the case, perhaps, but for the most part…

Enough for me to earn the nickname “Mopstick” while my tall, skinny friend Amanda Petty was called “Broomstick” in middle school (as if those years weren’t awkward enough). Enough for my dad to still joke around that I’m “six o’clock. Get it?  Straight up and down.” Enough for any conversation I participate in to almost always end in “…but you don’t have to deal with that.” And I don’t mind, because I don’t have to deal with it. That’s true. I don’t have to worry about back problems, or if they’re going to look saggy, or if they’re going properly secured in my dress or top. It’s actually sort of nice.

I mean,  I can literally wear a headband bandeau and people don’t sit in wait for a wardrobe malfunction. So…I guess what I’m saying is, there are perks to being small-chested. And even though I’m not build like Marilyn and my hips aren’t “child-bearing” doesn’t mean I’m not a real woman. I’m just a flat one.
Now, I’m okay with this. I love my body. I used to joke to Brandon that he should buy me breast implants (and I think he probably would have, even though that kind of thing goes against everything he stands for) but it kinda goes against what I stand for, too.
I love my bones.
Keep your mountains. I’m fine with my hills.

And wasn’t it Rob Machado (god, I love him.) who said “There’s still a lot you can do on a four-foot wave.” And even though he was talking about surfing, not expecting to go some exotic place and riding huge swells and not boobs, the principle is the same.
Plus, my parents always tell me if I have kids a lot of that will change.

you can kinda see what I mean here. This is from an editorial shoot I did with Rohan last year, when I was a little bigger.
and this is from Chris of Villager Art this past February.
But, I mean, that’s my body.
And I love it.
Even if it’s not curvy.

I'm definitely still a real woman, though.
Just saying.


J.e.Raley said...

ya damn right and don't let ANYONE tell you different =]

Joker said...

You can only love a soul,not a body. Body's 'love' is called attraction,so don't worry! Anyway,you're looking good,so...
Take care! ;)

Cherry Red Studio said...

some stuff in the hatchback- I love it!


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