Monday, May 24, 2010

A Weekend in Wonderland

I told you I was going to be busy, and I am. I'm about halfway through about 2 and a half weeks of work without a technical day off. The ONLY thing that has gotten me through it this far is that I happened to have a weekend of jobs booked in the town where my besties happen to live. I'm not going to deny doing that on purpose so I could see them. I'll just tell you about the last couple of days because they're pretty much the interesting ones.

FRIDAY: I was one of the girls lucky enough to walk in the Pink Elephant show, by the incredible and oh-so-sweet Truly Alvarenga. The inspiration for her new collection is a very whimsical Harajuku idea and I love it. The colors are vivid and rich and the garments (dresses, tops, bottoms, swimsuits) are really bold and beautiful. They make you have fun. And who doesn't love to have fun?!?! That's right. No one. Everyone loves fun. Not even the grumpiest, oldest curmudgeon in the world could deny. I also had a good time and met a lot of beautiful and wonderful people. All the models were all so nice, and the event people were so helpful, and the glam squad was so great...believe me, that does not always happen. I didn't meet one rude, bitchy, snarky, or unpleasant person the whole night. Even the parking attendant was nice. I think the universe was doing me a favor because I had really bad cramps. It's just a theory, but a pretty good one, I'd say.You're welcome for that tidbit of info. We were adorned with absolutely gorgeous jewelry by Haley Luffman & Dawn Craft of Chaud Chic Couture.
You can see some of the photos from the show at the amazing, talented, and cute as a button photographer Ariana Jordan's blog, here. She's based out of Knoxville. If you're in or around there, work with her immediately.

I'll be posting photos as I get them, so be on the lookout for that. It will please and surprise your eyes, I think.

And you know that's what I'm going for. 
It's like, completely what I'm about.

SATURDAY: I shot with Jim Oberman of UBU Photography for the 2nd time for the Nashville Fashion Collective. You can take a look at some of those HERE, unless you want to wait, in which case, I'll be posting those as I get them as well. I styled myself and did my own hair and makeup (I'm trying to branch out, because I think its important to be well-rounded). Based on the previews I've seen, there will be some nice, nice, nice ones. He's a great photographer, so I don't doubt it at all.

Also, Saturday night my buddies Geist played a...benefit show... more people should know them, because mark my words, they're good. I suppose they would best be described as an altrock/funk band with jazz influences... but I think that they just play what they like because they're all music people in the truest sense. It's music you can both dance and groove to. The best kind of music if you ask me. Plus, one of the aforementioned besties is in said band, so there's that.

SUNDAY: Another shoot for The Collective. Ed Bodnar was our photographer. We had the lovely Ms. Raynetta Smith styling and Ms. Kas, one of my favorites, as MUA. The models were myself, as well as the very beautiful and amazing ladies, Autumn Ramos Lindsey and Danielle Dobbs. It was 98 degrees (like that ill-fated boy band from the 90s) and we were HOT, but we were lucky enough to enjoy a breeze every now and then and sometimes, it's like that. I think you guys are going to really love those, too. It's the Romantic spring shoot I mentioned briefly some time ago.

And I got to spend some time with my favorite people, too. And watch some Yo Gabba Gabba. And if you've seen the episode with MGMT, I want to shoot in a room like they painted in the "Art is Everywhere" song. Bad. YouTube it if you  must.

All in all, I'd say this weekend was a resounding success.
Thanks for being a part of it.

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Looks like you have fun :)

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